Portfolio Item Two


Portfolio Item Two

May 13, 2020

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One of the most popular spectator events throughout the festival is the annual wood chop. Featuring several stages of competition, festival goers can watch as competitors from the local area and interstate go head-to-head in a wonderful display of strength, skill and hard work. Who will win the major prize in this year’s wood chopping championship?

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If you’re partial to a drop of wine, you’re going to love the delights on offer during the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival. Come to the wine marquee between 11am and 10pm to sample some of the finest vintage wines from winemakers in the local region.

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With the "Treloar Roses" Rose Farm close by, roses have been a big part of our community for many years. The Roses section of our festival features beautiful flower displays, but also a range of classes for local gardening enthusiasts and of course, the rose-growing competitions that many local growers participate in.

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