Established in 1993

The Wood, Wine and Roses Festival was established in 1993, with the 2024 edition being the 31st Anniversary, which is something the committee is extremely excited about.

The festival has grown into an award-winning event in Western Victoria over the years, which is always held on the last Saturday in February.

Wood, Wine and Roses history

When first established, the festival sought to bring the past, present and future of the region together. The already well-established timber industry has been a part of the region since the 1860s and continues today. This is represented by the focus on wood. For wine, this highlights the growing number of vineyards on the outskirts of town, with wine now becoming a big part of our local culture.

Roses are also big in the Heywood area, in particular thanks to the world-renowned Treloar’s Rose Farm. In addition, 600 roses have been planted in the main street area by our local garden club. With all three of wood, wine and roses represented, the festival captures a big part of our local community.

Something for everybody

From street parades to mower races, there’s something for everybody of all ages to enjoy during the festival. Many businesses in the local area decorate their windows with beautiful Wood, Wine and Roses themes, with a winner being judged in numerous categories. But that’s just the start of the fun!

Each year, the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival includes a whole range of events and activities for families to enjoy. There are wood chopping events, wine tasting and judging, and competitions for enthusiastic local rose growers. Another highlight is the parade, which sees a large crowd gather on the main street to check out the creative floats, musical entertainment and more.

A huge thank you

The committee acknowledges that the festival would not be the success that it is without a host of committed volunteers and community groups making a considerable contribution.

From the local Secondary College hosting a breakfast on the street on the Friday prior to the festival to the volunteers who help set up and pack up after the festival, we want to convey our sincere thanks for making the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival the wonderful event that it has become.


One of the most popular spectator events throughout the festival is the annual wood chop. Featuring several stages of competition, festival goers can watch as competitors from the local area and interstate go head-to-head in a wonderful display of strength, skill and hard work. Who will win the major prize in this year’s wood chopping championship?

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If you’re partial to a drop of wine, you’re going to love the delights on offer during the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival. Come to the wine marquee between 11am and 10pm to sample some of the finest vintage wines from winemakers in the local region.

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With the "Treloar Roses" Rose Farm close by, roses have been a big part of our community for many years. The Roses section of our festival features beautiful flower displays, but also a range of classes for local gardening enthusiasts and of course, the rose-growing competitions that many local growers participate in.

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Events Programs

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