Market Stalls


The Wood, Wine and Roses festival is host to a large variety of Market Stalls and Food Vendors. You never know what you might find. There are some old favourites that return each year, along with new vendors with their fabulous wares.

If you are interested in being part of our iconic festival please view below.

The Trade Markets Runs from 10am to 6.30pm and the Food stalls can run up until closing time.

About the stalls

We’ve got quite a few requirements for stall holders to ensure a successful event, so please make sure you get applications in early and follow all guidelines. This will help us provide the best event possible for attendees and stall holders alike.

The festival gates open at 7am, vendors must be setup by 9.30am and stay until 6.30pm.

Stall holders are encouraged to setup the day prior with the assurance that there is plenty of site security overnight.

Stall sites have approx. 6mtrs of frontage and are 4mtrs deep.


Site Fees for the festival are as follows:

Food vendor sites $100.00
Retail market stall sites $40.00
Powered sites are $10.00 extra

Each stall will be issued with one pass to the festival and one additional pass is available at the cost of $5.00, any additional passed required can be purchased at the same cost as the public gate fee.


All vehicles that are not contained totally within the site and are not an integral part of the operation to the display / stall must be relocated to an approved parking area outside of the festival area before 9.30am.

Banned items

Stall holders of all kinds of merchandise are welcome, however a requirement is that all products sold must be new. The following items are banned from sale.

Any firearm, replica firearm or toy gun of any description (this included water pistols and cap guns).

Any knife or bladed weapon that is banned by state law.

Stink bombs or silly string.

Any other prohibited weapons that are banned by state laws.

Please note that local police may be contacted if any breaches of state law are detected by festival staff or security personnel.

OHS Requirements

Pets are excluded from the grounds due to Health and safety regulations.

All stallholders must have a working fire extinguisher on their site.

All electrical and gas equipment must meet the Victorian energy safe requirements.

Powered sites

For powered sites, all power leads must be in good working order and have current electrical test tag.


If vendors are planning to stay overnight, please refer to the local accommodation page. Any enquiries regarding accommodation will need to be made direct to the accommodation providers.

Limited availability

As there is a limited number of sites available, the application form and site fee must be returned before the due date to secure your site at the 2024 festival. If you are applying late, contact the Markets Coordinator to check if there is any availability.

Application dates

As there is a limited number of sites available, the application form and site fee must be returned before the due date to secure your site at the 2024 festival.

Food vendor applications close December 12th 2023
Retail site applications close January 25th 2024


The bank account for the site fees is 633-108-134406453
Site number and receipts shall be posted 3 weeks prior to the festival.


Contact: Coreen Barclay – Stallholder Coordinator
Phone: 03 5527 2034 / 0428 342 287


One of the most popular spectator events throughout the festival is the annual wood chop. Featuring several stages of competition, festival goers can watch as competitors from the local area and interstate go head-to-head in a wonderful display of strength, skill and hard work. Who will win the major prize in this year’s wood chopping championship?

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If you’re partial to a drop of wine, you’re going to love the delights on offer during the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival. Come to the wine marquee between 11am and 10pm to sample some of the finest vintage wines from winemakers in the local region.

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With the "Treloar Roses" Rose Farm close by, roses have been a big part of our community for many years. The Roses section of our festival features beautiful flower displays, but also a range of classes for local gardening enthusiasts and of course, the rose-growing competitions that many local growers participate in.

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Events Programs

For more information download our festival program